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Ultimate Maternity Pillow

Ultimate Maternity Pillow
Ultimate Maternity Pillow
Ultimate Maternity Pillow
Ultimate Maternity Pillow
Ultimate Maternity Pillow
Ultimate Maternity Pillow
Ultimate Maternity Pillow

Ultimate Maternity Pillow

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No more using multiple pillows. No more having to reposition yourself in the middle of the night. And you can now sleep FASTER than EVER!

You can sleep with it, sit up with it supporting your swollen feet, use it to give your back the extra support while reading. It does it all!






Both kids and adults LOVE this giant U-Shaped Pillow

It is soft, generously oversized and long enough for you to stretch out and support all your body from both sides

Whether you’re working late into the night or snuggling in for a nap. There’s never been a better pillow than Our Full Body Maternity Support Pillow!

The unique design offers the most comfort for anyone looking to soothe aches and pains

✔️Wide Pillow ✔️Back Support

✔️Lumbar Support ✔️Hip Support

✔️Abdominal Support ✔️Legs Support

Also Recommended For: 
Back Pain
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Nasal Congestion
Gastric Reflux
Suitable During Pregnancy

A pregnant women needs support more than what standard pillows provide

One such crucial aspect that needs attention is the sleeping position of the mother. Partners go through many sleepless nights in order to ensure that the mother does not sleep in an awkward position that could harm the baby.

Also, the normal mattresses are not designed to provide comfort to a pregnant woman which may lead to body aches and hinder sleep. This is where a pregnancy pillow comes in handy.

The  ergonomic design of our Jibson&P Full Body Maternity Support Pillow adapts to the contours of your body to support sleeping on your side in order to maintain healthy blood and nutrient flow for both baby and you

  • Body Pillow w/100% cotton cover

  • Head to toe support

Inner cover: Polypropylene. This generously oversized multifunctional U shape body pillow is long enough for you to stretch out and provides equal support to both sides of your body. The hour glass inner curves and contours to your entire back while aligning your hips for neutral joint positioning. Also, helps relieve pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, lower back pain, ankle pain, and more. 
    • Comfortable night sleep

    No more repositioning during the night with the Full Body Maternity Pillow by Jibson&P. This uniquely designed body pillow replaces the need for multiple pillows at night and gives you the ultimate painless and sound sleep. This ALL-IN-ONE pillow cradles your body to help eliminate tossing and turning, keeping your neck, shoulders, back and hips aligned all night long. Supports Belly


      • Multi-functional support pillow 

      The Full Body Maternity Pillow is easily formed into multiple positions and is a great support for reading, watching TV, or just relaxing. Also, makes for a perfect nursing pillow the keeps the baby supported and elevated while mom’s back is still cushioned.

        • Pillow pleasure

        Allergenic, comfort and support is now available with uniquely designed to follow the shape of the pregnancy mom, and big "U" shaped maternity support pillow for sleeping and feeding


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